Writing to Heal: Journaling as a Therapeutic Tool in Clinical Practice with Clients

This 6 hour online video course provides an overview on journaling and how it can be used effectively as a therapeutic intervention in clinical practice with clients.

Journaling or diary writing as a means of telling our “stories” has been used by many for decades, however, it is only since the 1930’s that we first started to see the emergence of books and papers that spoke about journal writing as a tool for personal development. Since this time, journal writing has become a well-known resource and tool in the fields of mental health and personal development, so much so that a therapeutic modality known as “Journal Therapy” has been developed based on the effectiveness of it as a therapeutic intervention.

It is widely known that therapeutic journaling can bring about many improvements in an individual’s mental and emotional health. However, many of us, as mental health practitioners, may not actually be aware of what the empirical research says in relation to the efficacy of journal writing and we may not be clear on exactly how journaling helps our clients. Furthermore, many of us may not know about the multiple and varied journaling techniques and exercises that can be utilized and how effective they are in helping clients to bring about the therapeutic change that they are looking for. Finally, when suggesting journaling to our clients, we may not know how to safely and appropriately introduce journaling to our clients or we may not be aware of the guidelines that we can use to prepare our clients for this type of work.

In this course, you will learn about the empirical research that has been conducted on journal writing. You will find out how your client’s can benefit from journaling and why keeping a journal while attending therapy can help them and the therapy process. Furthermore, this course will equip you with multiple journaling techniques that can help to bring about the break through that your client is looking for. Finally, in the last module you will gain the knowledge and tools that are needed to safely and successfully implement journal writing into your work with clients helping them to create the therapeutic change they are seeking.